Mission and vision

JSW Innowacje S.A., which came into existence from the transformation of Polski Koks S.A. belonging to the JSW Group, is a research and development background for the whole JSW Corporate Group.

The company's activities include all stages of research and development actions of the JSW Corporate Group, up to feasibility studies and supervision of the realization of projects and implementations.

JSW Innowacje S.A., operating from Katowice, uses its geographical location to engage the research and development communities from the area of ​​Upper Silesia and Kraków in behalf of the JSW Group to stimulate the development of the entire Corporate Group.

The vision of the company is to obtain the status of a leading innovation centre for the mining industry on the European market.

The mission of the company is to develop technologies and systems that increase the potential and capabilities of the Polish mining industry.

The main goal is to achieve a significant position in the supply of advanced technologies and services for mining.