Prototype presentation - AutoinInvent

The development of an automatic unmanned aerial vehicle is the main goal of the AutoInvent project. On October 8th, in Warsaw, the first stage of the project implemented by the JSW Innovation Breakthrough Technology Department was summarized and the system prototype was presented.

The main objective of the AutoInvent project is to develop an automatic, multisensor unmanned aerial vehicle. The most important task of the system is to automate the process of cyclical inventory measurements of mineral storage sites. To ensure high accuracy of measurements, 3D laser scanning and low-ceiling photogrammetry were used. The improvement of precision positioning is ensured by GNSS satellite navigation supported by RTK network corrections and laser tacheometric measurements. The use of non-invasive measurement methods allows to improve the safety of employees by minimizing the need for surveyors to stay in dumps. Automation of measurements will also allow for a significant time reduction while obtaining results. - The result of the project will be measurement services provided with the use of innovative solutions, thanks to which the processes of inventorying raw materials in landfills will be improved - says Jacek Srokowski, president of the JSW Innowacje management board, who participated in the meeting.

Representatives of all companies and mines within the JSW SA Capital Group were invited to participate in the conference. During the meeting, Bartosz Brzozowski, director of the Breakthrough Technologies Department who is also the project manager of AutoInvent, presented the activities of the Department in the field of autonomous systems as well as simulators and virtual reality. Next, he presented the AutoInvent system components and discussed the research and development work already completed. The highlight of the Thursday meeting was the demonstration of the AutoInvent system functionality in conditions similar to real life, confirming the achievement of the 6th level of technological readiness. Then the conference participants got acquainted with the laboratory equipment used in ongoing and planned projects aimed at automating processes and improving work safety.

The AutoInvent project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020 and is carried out as part of the competition of the National Center for Research and Development: INNOSBZ.


The JSW Innovations Division of Breakthrough Technologies for the needs of research and development activities, hired highly qualified engineering and technical staff as well as research and development staff, and was equipped with modern devices, machines and tools. The resources of the Department, in addition to the basic activity, also allow for the commercial provision of services and the implementation of orders in the field of design, prototyping and production of advanced technical solutions, designing and making three-dimensional graphic models, and taking measurements, photos and videos using unmanned aerial vehicles.