JSW Group projects noticed by the experts of the Responsible Business Forum

The Responsible Business Forum presented for the 18th time its report "". It is the largest review of responsible business activities in Poland, with a record number of initiatives. In this year's edition of the report the Forum experts appreciated three projects of the JSW Capital Group: JSW Knowledge Mine, "Let's save bees - they can live among us" and the invitation of students to inspiring cooperation by JSW Innowacje and the Industrial Development Academy.

JSW Knowledge Mine is a flagship, original social engagement project of JSW Group. It is a unique initiative addressed to children and young people, implemented with their participation, i.e. creative ideas, social initiatives and actions to improve the surrounding world. The Knowledge Mine is meant to connect, develop, "spread wings" and bring much joy to the participants of their implemented projects. The lecturers want to inspire children with the passion to explore the world, to experience and to discover it. The project is to support the development of talents among children and equalize opportunities in access to modern and interesting forms of extracurricular activities.

The authors of the Report did not miss the fact that in the areas adjacent to the active mine Ruch Borynia, the Capital Group initiated a pilot program of ecological management of post-industrial areas, creating an apiary. JSW decided not only to build and populate hives with bee families and produce honey with the support of beekeepers, but also launched an educational program. Within the framework of these activities - after completing the investment part and opening an apiary with an educational path for the youngest - local schools participated in the Municipal Game. Thanks to this, the young people, apart from their knowledge about bees and the use of bee products, could learn about the history and geography of the nearest area. Children and teenagers could also write an article on the protection of bees and take part in a thematic contest announced by National Geographic Kids.

The Report highlights the pilot patronage programme in the Silesian Technical Research Institute in Katowice, which JSW Innowacje implements together with the Industrial Development Academy. For six months, 28 students could participate in workshops on creative thinking, which took place at the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow. Apart from the so-called design thinking, the communication and e-learning application Young Industry played a key role in the project.

In the 18th edition of the Report "Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices", 1696 good practices were published (previous edition: 1549), submitted by 214 companies (previous edition: 229 companies). It is worth noting that due to the limited possibility of notifying new practices, their number dropped from 826 to 712.  In turn, the number of long-term practices increased significantly - 983 compared to 723 practices in the previous edition of the publication. 55 companies come from the small and medium enterprises sector. The most numerously represented industries in the report are: finance, services and trade.

The Responsible Business Forum is an expert organization responsible for preparing the Report. It is an initiator and partner of key projects for Polish CSR. It inspires a business that changes the world and connects people who change business, and works for sustainable development.