The success of the JSW Innowacje flagship product at the exhibition in the Czech Republic. Three awards for the innovative AutoInvent System.

During the Invent Arena Exhibition at the Czech Republic, the JSW Innowacje got three awards for an automatic system of collecting spatial data with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles.



As a part of the Invent Arena Exhibition 2018 held on 20-22.06.2018 in Trinec (Czech Republic), the JSW Innowacje received three awards for its flagship product, i.e. the AutoInvent System. The JSW Innowacje solution received the Gold Medal of the Invent Arena Exhibition, a special award from the President of the Trzyniec Smelter and won in the categories of Computer Engineering, Telecommunication, Automation and Informatics.

The AutoInvent system is a system of automatic acquisition and analysis of the spatial data that automates the inventory process, modelling and volume calculation, including coal yards in a quasi-real time. The system uses the unmanned platform of autonomous take-off and landing to make the measurement, and due to the unique fusion of the sensor technologies, the system is characterised by a very high accuracy of measurements. The measurements take place with a minimal human involvement due to the fully automated process of take-off, landing and mission planning as well as an unmanned docking station.