Study visit of the Innovator Club of the Katowice Special Economic Zone in the VARMO plant in Suszec

On 5 December 2019, the Innovator Club of the Katowice Special Economic Zone, which brings together students of Silesian universities, had the opportunity to visit the Composite Solid Fuel Production Plant in Suszec, which is a modern production unit with a high degree of automation.

It is worth mentioning that the developed technology and applied technical solutions for the production of VARMO Ecological Fuels make it unique in the world. During the visit, students and academics had the opportunity to see how the production process looks like and how the latest technical and technological solutions from the fields of automation and production processes are used in the production regime.

​ Moreover, during the seminar, the Company's employees familiarized students associated in the KSEZ Innovator Club with how JSW Innowacje R&D activity influences the development of technologies and systems that increase the potential and capabilities of the JSW Capital Group.